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In today’s, I’ll show you how to download snapchat for Kindle fire tablet. I’m using the fire 7 tablet but does work for all versions of the Amazon fire tablet. You may have noticed that snapchat isn’t available through the Amazon App Store, So we will need to download the Google Play Store to our fire tablet and then download snapchat through there let’s get started.

how to download snapchat on Kindle Fire

Install Google Play Store on Kindle Fire

Step 1: First swipe down from the top refeer tablet and press on the Settings icon then go down to security and privacy. Now we’re going to turn on apps from unknown sources press okay.

Step 2: Now go and open up the Silk browser. We’ll need to download and install four files to run the google Play Store.

Step 3: First we will need to download Google Service Framework. If you get this pop-up just press continue and press allow, press okay at the bottom to download a file.

Download Google Service Framework on Kindle Fire.

Step 4: File you can see the progress at the download by swiping down from the top of the tablet is done downloading press on the file to open it now press install now hit done.

Step 5: now we will install Google services download the file and press ok open the file and install it you I press done.

Download Google Play Service apk

Step 6: next we’ll need to install Google Account Manager download it’s okay.

Step 7: Open the file and install it press done.

Step 8: finally we’ll need to install the Google Playstore download a file.

Google Play Store Apk

Step 9: You open it and press install

Step 10: You should now see the Google Play Store on your fire tablet.

Install Snapchat on Kindle Fire

Step 1: Let’s open it you need to sign in or create a Google account you.

Sign in your play store on Kindle

Step 2: and once you’re signed in you can search for snapchat and then download it.

Download Snapchat on Kindle Fire

Step 3: Then Snapchat will now available on a home screen.

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That was an article about how to download Snapchat on the Kindle Fire Tablet. The above method is the latest method that you can use to download Snapchat on Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire is not available on the Amazon app store so you have to download it from a third party. If you have questions about the Kindle Fire App, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments column. Thank you for visiting.

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