Libby App for Kindle Fire

Libby App for Kindle Fire – We’re going to show you how is how to download overdrive Libby on this because the Amazon Appstore does not have Libby so what we’re going to do is go to home and we’re going to go to the silk browser and what we’ll show you here:

Libby App for Kindle Fire

How to Install Libby App for Kindle Fire

  1. Open Silk Browser.
  2. Then visit to, Click search and type Libby and click enter.
  3. Where you’ll find the libby app. Tap on the download button.
  4. Wait until download is complete.
  5. After download is complete. Click Open Libby.
  6. Before open libby you must Go to Settings > Security (or Application) > Enable Application from Unknown Source.
  7. Launch the Libby application from the Kindle carousel page and follow the instructions to find your library and add your library card to the application.
Install Libby App for Kindle Fire

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That’s basically it so this is a way to get the overdrive Libby Libby app on your Amazon device, because it is not available on here on the Amazon App Store and one more thing we want to do is actually before you end up downloading anything go to your settings and go to security and click apps from unknown sources and make sure that’s on or else you can’t download anything side-loaded less settings security apps from unknown sources. If you have questions don’t hesitate to let us know via the comments column and we will help you immediately. Thank you for visiting.

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