How to Screen Record on Kindle Fire Tablet

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Hello Guys, I want to show you how to screen recorder on the fire tablet. For screen recorders you need an application. To use this application of course it must have an operating system 5.0 or above and yes it must be above 5.0 or it will not work, but you can get it on your device that’s below 5.0 by rooting it. But I don’t suggest routing. So I just waited for the 5.0 update to come out for my device so you’re gonna want to go to the Google Play Store on your Android device. If you don’t have it so you’re gonna need to have one mobile market.

How to Get Screen Recorder App for Kindle Fire via 1Mobile Market

Step 1: Go to Silk Browser and type

Download 1Mobile Market for Kindle Fire

Step 2: Download 1mobile market app.

Step 3: Open it and install now.

Step 4: After install success open 1mobile market now.

Step 5: On search type Rec.

screen record on Kindle fire

Step 6: Then choose Rec. (Screen Recorder)

Screen Recorder on kindle fire

Step 7: Install App and then open it.

Screen record on Kindle Fire

There’s a whole different options you can make it the size of the screen that it wants to record. It should automatically detect your screen and know your full screen and there’s a whole bunch of different options the bit rate. The duration which is up to an hour on the free version and the audio you want that on if you want to record your audio during the video and there’s presets too but you don’t want to update it the pro version to do that see Rec pro right there i suggest getting the free version kids actually has a lot of options for just being a free version and that’s how you get the screen recorder app your Kindle Fire device.

Screen Record for Kindle Fire

How to get screen recorder app via amazon store

Step 1: Go to Store on your Kindle Fire.

Go to store on Kindle Fire

Step 2: On search type Screen rec

Step 3: Then I recommended you choose Easy Screen Recorder.

download easy screen recorder on Kindle Fire

Step 4: Install it and the you can open it.

Open Easy screen recorder on kindle fire

Step 5: I hope you enjoyed screen recording with this app.

That was the article about How to Screen recorder on kindle fire. If you have questions, feel free to contact us in the comments column. Thanks for visiting.

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