How to Change Wallpaper on Kindle Fire

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How to change wallpaper on kindle fire – How to change your Kindle Fire wallpapers you can see right now there’s nothing on there okay so yeah. There’s YouTube addict okay you see how it’s just small it’s just small. Okay don’t worry guys you know okay so the first thing you’re going to want to do is screw that okay.

How to change wallpaper on kindle fire

Step 1: You’re going to want to go into your silk web browser. first of all you’re going to want to want a wallpaper HD. Wallpaper that you would like that uh that is that fits the Kindle Fire screen Fowley.

Step 2: go to Okay now you’re just going to such Kindle Fire cool tricks sketchy research that now you’re going to see. This it’s going to say Shane the Kindle Fire wallpaper without rooting and click on that.

How to change wallpaper on kindle fire

Step 3: When you click on that you’re just going to go over to your settings make sure you can install third-party apps.

Step 4: So what you’re going to want to do is going to here you’re going to hit and go down a device and it allow installation of applications or unknown resources you’re going to hit.

How to change wallpaper on kindle fire

Step 5: Let’s see it okay. You’re going to download my Kindle wallpaper now you’re going to hit that and it’s going to bring you to a Dropbox a location and it will not pop up but it will download.

How to change wallpaper on kindle fire

Step 6: Now I’m just going to pick out a cool easy wallpaper this is called nature pict it’s free from the Amazon App Store.

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Step 7: let’s just do space maybe galaxies or something like that I don’t really care let’s just hit this one. I’m gonna pick one once I like it.

choose wallpaper on kindle fire

Step 8: Okay sure I mean just pick this one for now. Okay so we’re just going to hit download your phone best fit I believe. Okay so what you’re going to do is hit this now now it should be in your photos.

choose download for get wallpaper on kindle fire

Step 9: So once you go back you’re going to once you download the app it’s going to look like this click on enabled wallpaper image it my you do wallpaper folder. Which you can put tons of pictures in it, so it’s like the normal one but different okay.

choose wallpaper image on your kindle fire

Step 10: So download you can click on that yes or no you don’t need to crop it but see like this isn’t the best fit app you know okay so I don’t say. I don’t want to crop it right now, it’s I don’t believe this picture is a picture that fits the Kindle.

Step 11: So to sitting I’ll just sit no down and set it will say down at the bottom I get a lock like this okay so now that’s that I mean as you can see it’s not it doesn’t really fit but I mean it looks really good.

Wallpaper now is changed

It’s just a quick little tutorial on how to change and set wallpaper for your Kindle Fire without root without hacking or anything like that. If you have questions about how to change the wallpaper on Kindle Fire, do not hesitate to contact us in the comments column. Thanks for visiting.

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