How to Change Date & Time on Kindle Fire

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I want to show you how to set the correct date and time for your Kindle. We want to do is we want to come up to the upper right corner to our quick settings which is the little wheel in the corner right here. We’re gonna tap on that and then we’re gonna click on where it says more this button right here and then we want to come down to where it says date and time and normally.

Set Time & Date on Kindle Fire

It’s it when I first got mine they said it was set to automatic which is supposed to use the the network connection your unit automatically picked the date over some reason it didn’t set it right on mine. So to set it manually you want to go a select timezone and I’m in a specific Pacific Standard Time so I have to find that and hope I didn’t pass it well the idea passes I got past it Pacific Standard Time will be oh there it is and so automatically.

Set date & time on kindle fire

It says my time for me and it also sets the date now if it’s still not doing it you can go ahead and turn this off. Then we can just hit set time and punch it in up and down for up you know plus or minus or whatever and then hit save.

set date and time on kindle fire

Then for the date same thing we can just go ahead and punch it in manually it’s kind of hard to see it on my screen sorry about that but this is where the month of date you know all that would be, but usually if you set the timezone it’ll play everything up for you and that’s all you need to do and there’s no hidden save the automatically recognizes it.

set date on kindle fire

And then we hit the back arrow we’re back to settings and we go back again. Now we’re on the home screen so that in a nutshell is how you set the time on the Kindle Fire.

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