Alexa App for Kindle Fire

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I wanted to make a quick article covering some of the features in Alexa App for Kindle fire tablets. Now I’ve got two different generation of Fire tablets here, if you don’t know the Alexa feature is now available on the fire seven generation four and up and as well as the fire eight the Fire 8.9 HDX and the fire ten and I think all of those need to be at least from 2014. I believe that’s the year this is a fifth-generation Fire tablet and this is a seventh generation Fire tablet.

They don’t look very different from each other the fifth generation has a little bit thicker bezel for the housing the casing you can see that the camera is in set a little bit more than on this version and it’s also that’s a little bit thicker very not very noticeable and you can see that the rocker buttons for the volume and the headphone jack location are switched from the fifth and the seventh generation Fire tablets now. You might be asking yourself well okay.

How do I know if mom what generation my tablet is well here’s what you do you unlock your tablet and what you want to do is swipe down from the top go into settings here and then go to device options and it will tell you exactly which generation that you have. So I have the seventh generation Fire 7 tablet and the other thing.

How to Enable Alexa App on Kindle Fire

You want to make sure is that Alexa is actually enabled on your device. Follow this instruction:

Step 1: So again you swipe down you select your settings.

Alexa app for kindle fire

Step 2: You look for Alexa.

Alexa app for kindle fire

Step 3: Make sure Alexa is enabled.

Alexa app for Kindle Fire

Now if you have the fire 10 tablet you’ll have another option there for having voice activation enabled. Which isn’t available on the seven or the 8 so what are some of the things you can do with Alexa.

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How to Use Alexa App on Kindle Fire

Step 1: The first thing you need to know is that you hold down the home button to activate Alexa.

Alexa app for kindle fire

Step 2: So you hold down the button what’s the weather in the Philippines and Alexa can do a number of other things.

Alexa app for kindle fire

Step 3: It will play your music it’ll read you books Alexa play Taylor Swift. And taylor swift’s music will open and you can tap play to start this music.

Alexa app for kindle fire

So those are just a few of the features of Alexa the key to remember is that you need to hold down the home button in order to activate Alexa.

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